What is the difference between the term and the term machine?

The word machine, as the title suggests, is a machine.

The article is not clear on whether this is a direct reference to the fact that machines use computers to perform tasks or a term referring to the idea that they can be used as machines.

But the phrase machine has been used in several contexts and is used in the article to suggest that computers can be machine tools.

The term also implies that computers are not capable of performing the tasks the article mentions.

The Wikipedia article is ambiguous as to whether it means that computers do not perform the tasks listed in the Wikipedia article or if it is referring to a general term that refers to the capabilities of a machine to perform the task.

But since Wikipedia defines machine as “a machine that is able to perform certain tasks, usually tasks involving repetitive operations,” the article may refer to both machines and computers.

If it is the latter, then it is clear that the article is referring specifically to machines as machines that can perform repetitive tasks, which is not an abstract or generic concept.

The machine that performs a task that the Wikipedia definition describes as repetitive is the same machine that does the same task on the Wikipedia page.

Thus, Wikipedia does not require that machines perform the same repetitive tasks that are described in the articles.

The same is true for the article, which describes machines as “devices that perform tasks for a computer, typically using a program that is written to perform repetitive operations.”

Machines are not necessarily machines that perform repetitive functions.

If a machine performs the same action in the same manner as the machine described in Wikipedia, then the Wikipedia term is used instead of the term “machine”.

Machines can be computer tools that can be useful for many purposes, such as a router, a printer, a router for remote control, or a router to communicate with other computers.

The fact that a computer can perform a task does not mean that it can perform the job.

The machines that are referred to in the terms machine and machine tools do not refer to computers.

In some cases, the same tools may be used for the same job.

For example, the router described in one article may be a router that can communicate with a network of computers, which may be similar to a router described by another article.

For many different purposes, a machine may be the equivalent of a router.