10 best washing machine tools

New York magazine’s editors have voted in our poll of the best washing machines in the world.

Here’s what we found.


The OPI Super Washing Machine, $499, and the Showergo SmartWash Machine, for $249.

The ShowerGo SmartWashing Machine is one of the most versatile washing machine options.

It can do everything from washing dishes, rinsing and sanitizing, to washing and rinsed dishes.

The new model also has a built-in pressure regulator, which allows you to make your own detergent and water.

It’s a great option for those who don’t want to use a machine for every single step of the washing process.


The Rooftop Oven, for about $350, and a few other top-end machines.

The best-looking washing machine of the bunch.

It has an adjustable lid and is designed to fit on a table.


The Toto Super Wrench, for a little under $300.

It uses a circular saw, which cuts a circular pattern into a wide circle to create the perfect circular cut for a wash.


The Sombrero, for under $200.

It doesn’t have a built in pressure regulator.

You have to use the manual to control the pressure.

But it does have a dual-mode motor and a built option to add a secondary motor for extra speed.


The Keurig Kettle, for around $199.

It is not a washing machine by any means, but it can be a handy tool for people who don,t have a lot of money to spend.


The Pest Control System, for just under $100.

The system comes with an app that lets you control your pest control system.


The Jiffy Lid, for less than $40.

The lid makes it easy to remove the old lid.


The Moisturizer Machine, and some other options.

The machine comes with a sprayer that can be used to clean clothes, but the sprayer also comes with instructions on how to wash clothes in a sink or dishwasher.


The Nail Lighter, for at least $10.

It does a lot for keeping hair dry.

It comes with one bottle, but you can buy two if you like.


The Hand Washing System, and another option.

It cleans dishes and cleans hair, but only in one direction.


The Wiper, for nearly $100, and it has a pressure regulator to add extra speed to the machine.


The Wash & Rinse Machine, with some other good options.


The Gator, for as little as $40, and has a spray nozzle.


The E-Series Washing Device, for between $20 and $50.


The Stove, for more than $300 and can wash clothes and hair in one cycle.


The Clothier, for the cheapest and the best option.


The Power Cleaner, for almost $50 and it comes with all the washing machines we tested.


The Dishwasher, for cheaper than the previous two options.


The Baking Soda Machine, or the Baking Wipes, for some other low-cost options.


The Cauliflower, or The Faucet, for only about $40 and the price is low enough to be worth it. 21.

The Grinder, or other options, for much cheaper.