Little machine tools company buys a lathe company for $2.5M

The Little Machine Tools company has bought an industrial manufacturing company for about $2 million.

The deal was announced Friday on the company’s website.

The acquisition is for a company called N-Machine, which was founded in 2006.

N-Machines was founded by engineer and entrepreneur David Mancuso and is known for producing machine tools that are made in the USA.

It’s a smaller maker than its larger rival, Little Machine, but it also has a strong presence in Europe and Asia. 

The N-machine product line has seen its share of controversy recently as it has become known for manufacturing some of the world’s cheapest machines and machines that can easily be bought on Amazon.

The company is one of the companies that has been under fire from customers who say that the machines are unsafe, expensive and unreliable.

The company says the new acquisition will create more jobs in the US, while at the same time reducing the amount of capital needed to manufacture parts for the machines. 

For a quick refresher on Little Machine: The Little Machine Tool was first announced in January 2018, and the company was founded two years later. 

Its first commercial product, the Little Machine Maker, was unveiled in August 2018. 

Little Machine’s product line includes machines for making cutting tools, lathes, saws and other household appliances. 

“We believe in our customers and believe in the strength of our team,” Little Machine CEO Dave Smith said in a statement.

“We’ve grown this company into a global powerhouse.

We’re excited to bring some of our experienced engineers to our new headquarters, and we look forward to a bright future.” Read more