Bailiff says a carpenter’s tools company has made a ‘disgraceful’ claim about a new carpenter-in-training

A Bailiffs office is taking action against a company it says made a “disgrac[e] in a way” to mislead customers about its tools.

The Bailiiffs office in the Halifax Regional Municipality said Tuesday it had received a complaint from the company, which sells “hand-cut lumber, hand-tooling, and machine tools” through a website.

It said the company’s website referred to a tool named “Barga” as an “In-House Machine Tool” and did not state that the tool was made by a company named Barge.

It also said the tool is “not for sale” on the company website.

The company, however, is not licensed in the province.

The office says the company has been suspended from operating, and will face “additional legal action.”

It’s the first time the office has taken action against the company.

Barge said in a statement Tuesday that it “has been the victim of a defamation campaign” and that it would “continue to work to protect its reputation.”

“The Barge Tool Company is a very reputable company that has been trusted by countless tradespeople across the province,” it said.

“Our staff members are working hard to correct the misperception and assure our customers the Barge tool is safe.”

The office said it is investigating whether the company is licensed in Nova Scotia.

The province has not yet said whether it will impose a fine or levy.