Machine Tool Trade Wins FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration approved a new category of machine tool products, called aarti machines, as a safer alternative to traditional machines for manufacturing products for a range of industrial, agricultural and consumer products.

Aarti is a brand name for a type of machine with a wheel-shaped body that can produce a variety of types of products, including metal objects and machinery parts.

The FDA approved the new products for manufacturing as well as industrial, medicinal and food-processing industries.

In addition to the two new categories, the agency also approved two others that were previously approved by the FDA, and three that are awaiting approval.

Aetna and CVS Health both received the approval for aartis for the healthcare industry.

A company called CVS is an affiliate of UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of CVS and HealthPartners.

CVS’s chief executive, David Boulware, said the agency approved the products as a safe alternative to the current technology, which uses a grinding, grinding wheel and a saw to produce a product.

Aedis machines have also been approved for use in the healthcare sector, he said.

Aerospace equipment maker Cargill, meanwhile, received the same approval for the new Aetion Aero Aero-Control, a vertical stabilizer system that allows the user to adjust the angle of a wing.

The Aetions Aero-Controllers can also be used for vertical takeoff, landings and landing gear.