New Zealand craft machine tool maker says it has won an award from the country’s craft industry

The craft machine maker Vishwakara Machine Tools has won the 2018 New Zealand Craft Industry Innovation Award for its work on the technology that powers the devices used in cooking and cooking appliances.

The awards are made by the New Zealand Industry and Trade Commission, which promotes the country as a technology hub.

The award, which is worth $1,500 for the top 100 companies, comes with a $250,000 prize fund.

Vishwagas CEO Tim Hui said the company was excited to have won the award for its technology in making food-safe kitchen appliances.

“Our innovative technology, which includes a ‘pump’ to make food-friendly food safe, is one of the reasons why our company is one the most visited in New Zealand and is recognised internationally,” Mr Hui told in a statement.

“This is a fantastic recognition of our innovative and world-class technology and our ability to build a community around our technology.”

The awards also recognise the companies that provide an essential service to New Zealanders, with $10,000 going to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The company said it was also thrilled to have been recognised by the countrys leading trade body, the Automotive Industry Association, for its innovative and high-tech appliance technology.

“It is also very exciting to be recognised by New Zealand’s largest craft manufacturers and the craft industry,” Mr Jain said.

“I would like to thank the Automobile Industry Association and the government for supporting our company in our efforts to innovate in the appliance market.”