Concept machine tool maker alphas: alphas to make more than $100m in next six months

Ace machine tools company,yuas machine tools and concept machine tool company alphas will be worth a combined $100 million in the next six to nine months, according to a recent report by the financial consultancy Bain & Company.

The company said the investment would be made by acquiring the majority of the remaining equity held by the alphas.

Yuasa, the world’s largest maker of laser and electric saws, is also on the list of investment firms investing in the alts.

Yuas machines are used to cut wood, cut lumber, and cut metal products, and are used in manufacturing, construction, and farming.

The alphas, which are smaller, cost a fraction of the Yuasa machines and are currently on sale in a range of markets.

Yuahas alphas can cut wood at temperatures ranging from 4°C to 20°C.

The machines also have a built-in thermal control unit, which reduces noise and temperatures.

Yuaas machines can cut in any of six directions, including up to six directions at once, according the report.

The alphas’ business model depends on the volume of work being performed, according Bain.

They also offer a range in price for their machines.

Alphas, however, have faced stiff competition from laser makers.

Yuasa said in the report that it was able to acquire Yuasa for about $40 million in 2010, which was just after the company announced its plans to focus on machine tools.

Yuasu was spun off in 2014.

Yuawas machines make a variety of products including cutting boards, cutting saws and other tools, and have been used in various industries for many years.

Yuas has a market capitalization of more than 80 billion yuan ($12.9 billion), according to the company’s website.

The companies said in their financial statement that the investment was financed through a combination of debt and equity financing, with the option of further raising funds through a sale.

Bain’s report noted that the alums are in the early stages of their growth, and noted that they have the potential to be worth up to $400 million in 2019.