How to fix a Dixi, a machine tool, that is broken

A company that sells dixi machines, such as the Dixia, has announced it will stop selling the machines after more than five years in business.

The company, based in London, said in a blog post on Thursday that it was ending the relationship with its parent company, Dixis Technology.

Dixias has been sold in Britain since 2012.

The blog post noted that the company is now “rebuilding its business model with new products that we believe are more useful, more affordable, and more accessible.”

The company said it was also launching a new product, the DIXI, which will allow customers to build their own custom machines using their own tools.

The post added that Dixies “focus on the best of the digital and augmented reality world, and the new DIXIA offers a new level of convenience, making the machine experience better for everyone.”

The blog said the company will “continue to sell the DICT and DIXIAS but we’ll no longer be producing them.”

Dixius was founded in 2008 and the company began selling dixias in the U.K. in 2016.

In December, DIXis founder, Tim Giddens, announced he would leave the company, saying the company had lost market share to rivals and had to move on.

“We have to make decisions in the long term that we don’t think are in the best interest of our business and our customers,” Giddons wrote on Twitter at the time.

“The focus has shifted to the future.”