Alternative machine tool used by police to hunt for missing children

Alternative machine tools used by the police to search for missing or abandoned children have been found at the scene of the disappearance of two boys in Perth’s north.

Key points:Police say they are still looking for the boys who disappeared on August 21 from a remote park in North PerthThey say one boy, aged 10, was found with a blood stain on his hand and another boy, 12, with a head wound and a bloody nosePolice say the boys are being held in a children’s home in the town of Blyth on a search warrantThe search warrant was executed at Blytland police station on Saturday.

“We are still searching for these two missing boys,” Acting Senior Sergeant Peter McPherson said.

“It’s really sad that there’s just not been any response from the community.”

“I can’t speak to what their motivation is, but it’s been quite an emotional time for them and the family.”

The two boys are described as being between 10 and 12 years old.

“They have been missing for a few days,” Detective Sergeant McPhearson said.

Police believe the boys may be in the same location where they were last seen.

Police are now searching for a woman who was allegedly involved in the abduction of the two boys.

She is expected to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday.

Detective Sergeant Mcphearson says police have found two metal objects, including a small box with a metal handle, at the location where the two children were last found.

“The metal object has been located by the boys’ mother, who had been in the area for the past few days and who found it,” he said.

Police have now made contact with a family in Blystland.

“She’s been contacted and she’s been given the opportunity to come forward and provide a statement,” he explained.

He said the mother is concerned about the boys safety and said she was prepared to give evidence.

“If she was involved in any of the incidents with the boys, I wouldn’t be able to give that statement,” Detective Superintendent McPhey said.’

We have a real family here’Detective Superintendent Mcphey said police were confident they would find the boys alive.

“I’m absolutely confident we have them alive and well, so that’s why we’ve made the decision to continue with this search,” he told

In the meantime, police say they have not yet found a body.

“At this point, there is a real familial link here,” Detective Inspector McPhetson said of the children.

“This is a very, very remote location, so we’re not looking for anybody else.”

But we do have a very real family, and we are very anxious to get that family and their children home safely.

“Detective Inspector Mcphetson urged anyone with information about the disappearance or who has seen a bloodstained object in the park to come to Blyttland police and let them know.

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