‘We are so grateful to the people of B.C.’

An article in today’s Canadian Press by an Alberta woman was a bit of a surprise to her neighbours.

“It was so beautiful out there,” said Sarah Purdom.

“I had never been to the mountains before, and I knew it was a beautiful spot, so I was excited.

But it was very scary.””

My husband and I are so thankful to the residents of Bismarck for allowing us to stay at their house,” she said.

The weather forecast for the mountains and mountainside, in the town of Bistow, B.L., has been pretty cloudy, but the weather in the area is getting warmer and warmer.

“We’re so glad we had the foresight to get to Bistown,” said Purdoms husband, Chris, who has a business in the mountain region.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more safe.

I mean, we have a lot of trees around, and there’s a lot to see.”

Purdoms business is called Bistower, and she’s also got her own personal mountain experience.

“We have our own cabin up here, and it’s actually on top of a rock,” she explained.

“That’s where we have our snowshoe rentals, and we use the snowshoes up here.”

She has been living at Bistrown for about two years, and her business is a full time job.

Purdomes husband works as a ski instructor at the park, and Sarah has been skiing with him for a few years.

Sarah Purdam with her husband, Dan.

The Purdamas are staying at a Bistourn mountain lodge for the time being.

“Dan’s a real skier, so we do a lot out here on the snow.

We have a nice cabin, and he’s always happy to come up and take us out for a good ski,” she added.

She’s also a real snowboarder, and has been going out with her friends every week, and with a friend who has also been living on the mountains for the last few years, she said she enjoys the mountain and snowboarding.

“Our friends have been really awesome, they have been coming down to Bismark Mountain Lodge, and they’ve been enjoying the snow, and have been riding, so that’s really great.

And the people that come down here and take the kids out there, and take them to the parks, that’s the way we want to stay.”

Sarah Puddoms husband and two of his sons are also in Bistrew, and his son is a local firefighter, and their daughters are in the same program.

The family is staying with a couple from Bismore, and are doing everything they can to help out in any way they can.

“You know, we’re very thankful that we have this little cabin here in Bismay, we love it,” she commented.

“They’re all very welcoming.

We don’t have any problems, we don’t get into trouble.

It’s a good thing, and if we can get some help, we’ll probably get some.””

It’s a great family atmosphere here, so, it’s nice.

It gives you the confidence to be a part of this community.”

The family are all doing well.

They’re doing fine.

“My wife is in the nursing program, she’s doing fine, and my son is in school, so he’s doing really well,” said her husband.

The Purdams are planning to move into a smaller home, and the family is looking forward to a new experience.

“It’s going to be nice to get away from our old place,” she noted.

“But we’ll be back, and hopefully we can find some of the memories here.”